HaloThemes.com has launched a Custom Service for Magento Go Themes & Templates

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HaloThemes.com has launched a Custom Service for Magento Go Themes & Templates: Add Custom HTML Product Tabs, Add Social Sharing Buttons, Add Facebook Like Box, Add Lightbox Effect in Product Details Page, Add Popup Newsletter (Homepage), Add Quick View Module, Add Mega Menu, Custom WordPress Blog for Magento Go Theme, Add LookBook Module. Check it out:

1. Add Custom HTML Product Tabs

This is an extension for the product detail page besides the two default tabs (details and additional information). You can add whichever HTML content in the new tab and totally can adjust the content in the Admin Backend.

Starting at: $30.00

2. Add Social Sharing Buttons

With this Magento Go’s extension, we will help you add social media buttons in the product detail page or in any favorable position you may like. Buttons in use include but are not limited to Facebook Like button, Twitter Follow Button, Google+ Button…

Starting at: $25.00

3. Add Facebook Like Box

With this extension, you can add the Facebook Like Box in whichever part in the website you prefer, namely: Sidebar, Footer, Product Details Page.

Starting at: $25.00

4. Add Lightbox Effect in Product Details Page

This is an extension for the product details page. The product image will be introduced in a Lightbox in the most beautiful and convenient fashion instead of the boring default popup window in Magento Go.

Starting at: $30.00

5. Add Popup Newsletter (Homepage)

This extension for homepage is going to make your customers easily sign up for newsletters once they visit the site. Besides, you can also add in different social media icons or whatever you want your customers to pay attention to.

Starting at: $49.00

6. Add Quick View Module

This extension is meant for Magento Go. Quick view module will help buyers easily navigate between products, show product’s features in a small popup. The more user-friendly your site is, the better experience customers will have and the better sales you will get.

Starting at: $69.00

7. Add Mega Menu

This is an extension for the navigation in your store, which helps your customers easily go to the products/ catalogs they want to check out.

Starting at: $200.00

8. Custom WordPress Blog

This extension includes the design and development of a WordPress blog for your store. This is going to help you introduce to your customers all the activities, events, as well as promotion programs. Besides, a wordpress blog is one of the best ways helping you in SEO.

Starting at: $299.00

9. Add LookBook Module

This is an extension for your store – Responsive LOOKBOOK – a nice way to show your compelling catalogues and wonderful collections with interactive links to product detail page.

Starting at: $39.00

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact us at: support@halothemes.com.

Thank you, HaloThemes.com

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